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Aspire e-Cig, E-Liquid, E-Cig Liquid, eGo-T, E-Cigarette

Welcome to fruiteCigs. We're a UK company dedicated to supplying the best products in the e-cigarette world, from the e-cigs themselves, to our extensive range of premium e-liquid refills. Electronic cigarettes are also known as e-cig, e-cigarettes, Shisha Pen, e shisha sticks and Vape Pens.

We offer you an alternative to the classic ways of smoking analogue cigarettes, with plenty of flavours to choose from. We believe that e-cigarettes are the best choice, as the cost is up to 80% lower than buying packs of traditional cigarettes. There are also less harmful risks such as the consequences we are all aware of from smoking normally.

When you browse our site, you will see that we have a huge range of e-liquid refills to choose from - there are over 50 impressive flavours, and 4 different strengths, so there really is something for everyone.

You'll also notice that we've got a great range of starter kits for beginners, as well as some of the most revolutionary e-cigarettes around. One of our proudest features is our extensive range of the eGo cigarette brand and Aspire ecig BDC & BVC range - we sell everything from the eGo-T, Aspire Nautilus, Aspire BDC Coils, Aspire BVC Coils to the eGo CE4 and CE5. We are also proud to be selling the Aspire ecig clearomizers range which includes the Aspire Nautilus, Aspire Nautilus Mini, CE5, ET & ET-S. In the e-cig world, you'll find that these are renowned for revolutionising the industry and they have proven to be the most popular model ever.

As an added bonus, we offer all of the quality whilst still keeping excellent value, plus we even offer UK free delivery.  Delivery Internationally is also very fairly priced.

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As a leader in the supply of electronic cigarettes and e-liquids across the UK and Europe, fruiteCigs aims to provide a range to suit all tastes - and that's exactly what we do!

We only use pharmaceutical grade ingredients in our e-cigarette liquids, and they have all been made in specially built, exceptionally clean rooms, fit specifically for purpose. This ensures that you, our customers, benefit from the best quality, taste and overall vaping experience when using your e-cigarettes. This is your chance to be part of a revolution that has taken everyone by surprise!

E-cigarettes and the refill liquid have been hailed as the cheaper alternative to smoking, and they are definitely worth trying as they are able to deliver the nicotine without the dangers of traditional cigarettes.  We have a huge range of e-cig liquid flavors that will give you satisfaction - everything from their flavouring to the ingredients used in them is of premium quality.

Potentially the most exciting part of the whole process is selecting from our many flavours of e cigarette liquid - you'll be spoiled for choice. It can be a confusing decision, so why not have a look at the different nicotine levels offered in each and make a choice based on the strength and your personal tastes?

Of course, we only sell the best e-cig kits, refill liquids, and e-cigs and they have been tried, tested and used by the fruiteCigs team ourselves! 

Start collecting today and benefit from free UK delivery as well as our special loyalty scheme.


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